Hi 🖐, I am Sarath Madala

I am a fullstack web developer with experience in frontend and backend technologies such as React, Next JS, Node Js, Express. I am interested in freelancing and am available for new projects. As a fullstack developer, I have a strong understanding of web development best practices and am skilled in delivering successful solutions from start to finish.

My Recent Projects

News application

A news application that fetches and displays the latest news stories from various sources. Built with Swift and optimized for iOS devices to keep users informed and up-to-date in an easy and efficient way. It also allows users to customize their feed by choosing the topics they are interested in.

iOSSwiftRest API
Movies App

Movies app is a project to look at the recent movies and their plots along with their trailers and cast. This application is made up using Angular framework with the help of open source API TMDB


A portfolio application that features my skills, work experience, and personal bio in a clean, responsive design optimized for all devices to showcase my abilities and attract potential clients or employers. It allows visitors to easily navigate and look through my projects along with the technologies used and also provides links to my social media profiles and contact information.